Bartholomaeus Wurtz

Birth: 23.12.1849 Durmersheim, Baden, Germany. He was the son of Medard Wurtz and Agnes Kassel.

Death: 08.09.1925 Quincy, Adams, Illinois

Burial: Calvary Cemetery, Quincy, Illinois

Marriage: 28.05.1873 Adams, Illinois

Maria Anna Hildebrandt

Birth: 1853. She was the daughter of Mr Hildebrandt and Anastasia.  

Death: 29.10.1929 Quincy, Adams, Illinois

Burial: Calvary Cemetery, Quincy, Illinois  

photo: John F. Werneth

source: Quincy-Whig Journal, 9/8/1925

source: Quincy Herald Whig, 10/29/1929

They had children:

Ella Wurtz

Birth: 04.03.1874 Illinois

Death: 1927

Marriage: 29.06.1899 Adams, Illinois

Charles Frederick Kaelber

Birth: 16.05.1873 Illinois. He was the son of John and Margaret Kaelber.

They had children:

-Leona Kaelber was born about 1901 in Illinois and was

 married to Mr. Nicholson.

-Helen B Kaelber was born 1901 in Illinois. She married

 Henry C. Stewart on December 06, 1922 Detroit,

 Wayne, Michigan.

-Cletus Kaelber was born on March 02, 1909 in Illinois

 and died on November 17, 1998 in Ferndale, Oakland,

 Michigan. He was married to Dorothy.  


The Quincy Daily Journal Tuesday, February 12, 1901 Page: 7

Charles Kaelber has sworn out a city warrant for the arrest of one Fred Gruell, who is charged with creating a disturbance at Kaelber's place yesterday noon.



The Quincy Daily Journal Wednesday, September 02, 1908 Page: 7

John Smith was brought into the court of justice Mays this morning on a warrant sworn out by Charles and Ella Kaelber some time ago, charging him with peace disturbance. The case was continued until Sept. 11 at Smith's request.


In the 1900 and 1910 censuses Ella and her family lived in Quincy, Adams, Illinois. 1920 they were in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan.

Mardes Wurtz

Birth: 1876 Illinois

The Quincy Daily Journal Monday, May 17, 1915 Page: 16

Charles Kaelber was agreeably surprised Sunday afternoon when 20 of his friends gathered at his home, 924 State street to celebrate his forty-second birthday anniversary. They presented him with a number of gifts and at 6 o'clock an appetizing dinner was enjoyed.


Joseph Bartholemew Wurtz

Birth: 16.10.1876 Quincy, Adams Illinois

Death: 22.05.1945 Quincy, Adams Illinois

Burial: Greenmount Cemetery Quincy block J lot 14

Marriage: after 1900

Belle Minnie

Birth: 18.10.1875 Nokomis, Montgomery, Illinois

Death: 09.08.1938 Quincy, Adams Illinois

Burial: Greenmount Cemetery Quincy block J lot 14

In the 1920 and 1930 censuses they were in Quincy, Adams, Illinois  

World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918

Joseph Bartholemew Wurtz, born 16 Oct 1876

Address: Lind, Quincy, Adams, IL

Age: 42

Occupation: Teamster.

Employer: Mollet Vandenboon of Quincy.

Nearest relative: Mollie Wurtz, mother same address

height: tall

build: stout; eyes: gray; hair: dark

Registered: 12 Sep. 1918 at Quincy Board

Theodore Medard Wurtz

Birth: 07.01.1880 Quincy, Adams, Illinois

Death: 19.04.1949 Quincy, Adams, Illinois

Burial: Calvary Cemetery Lot 216, Adams, Illinois

Sarah Frances Wurtz .

Birth: 20.01.1882 Quincy, Adams, Illinois  

Death: 06.09.1977 Los Angeles, California  

Burial: Calvary Cemetery Quincy, Adams, Illinois

Marriage: 17.11.1903 Quincy, Adams, Illinois

Charles M. Marold

Birth: 1877 Wurtemburg, Lawrence, Pennsylvania

Death: 1921

Burial: Calvary Cemetery Quincy, Adams, Illinois

Charles served in the Spanish War Company I, 6th Illinois Infantry.

World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918

Theodore Madarts Wurtz, born 07 June 1880

Address: 925 N. 10th, Quincy, Adams, IL

Age: 38

Occupation: Painter

Employer: Henry Gelling of Quincy

Nearest relative: Father, Brot Wurtz same address

height: medium; build: medium; eyes: blue; hair: brown

Registered on 12 Sep. 1918 City of Quincy



They had children:

-Margaret Marold was born about 1906 in Illinois

-Earl B. Marold was born on March 01, 1909 in Quincy, Adams, Illinois, died on February 1977 in Quincy, Adams,

 Illinois and buried in Calvary Cemetery, Adams, Illinois. He was married to Clara.

-Herbert Marold was born on May 07, 1913 and died on April 07, 1989 in Temple City, Los Angeles, California.

-Elmo Marold was born on June 15, 1921 and died on March 12, 1987 in Connecticut. He is buried in Preston City

Cemetery Preston, New London, Connecticut. He serverd in the US Navy in the WWII.

In the 1910 and 1930 censuses they lived in Quincy, Adams, Illinois. In 1920 they were in Madison county Indiana.

Emma Wurtz

Birth: in November 1883 Quincy, Adams, Illinois


Herbert E. Booz

Birth: 30.12.1877 Iowa. His motherís maiden name was Townsend.

Death: 22.10.1967 Laguna Niguel, Orange, California

Burial: Old Section 12, Lot 13A, Space 6 El Toro Memorial Park Lake Forest Orange California

In the 1920 and 1930 censuses the family was in Ottumwa, Wapello, Iowa.

They had children:

-daughter Booz born on October 17, 1916 in Quincy, Adams, Illinois. She was stillborn and buried at St. Boniface

 Cemetery Quincy, Adams, Illinois.

-Edwin Booz was born on November 01, 1917 in Iowa and died on December 23, 2000 Laguna Niguel, Orange,

 California. He was buried in Ascension Cemetery Lake Forest Orange California. He was a lead inspector for

 Rockwell International. He was married to Ruth.  

 Email from Rita Avila

Ed Booz was a very good friend of mine in 80's & 90's. We met when docents for Mission San Juan Capistrano. I was much younger than Ed & wife Ruth, yet we were good friends & enjoyed wondering Ca. Missions & used book stores. Ed, more than Ruth, was always ready to go someplace interesting. We had great times! He also had a sharp sense of humor. Ed cared for his father until he passed. Ed had a daughter Connie & a son. Ed was very fond of his daughter Connie. Both the son & daughter Connie were from a first marriage.



Death: 05.03.1886 Wirtz

Source: St. Francis Catholic Church Death Index


Rudolph Wurtz

Birth: 17.06.1886 Illinois

His obituary gives a different date of birth.

Death: 22. 11.1955 Peoria, Illinois

Burial: division 12, row 18 Sunset Cemetery, Quincy, Adams, Illinois

Anastasia Wurtz

Birth: 23.07.1891 Quincy, Adams, Illinois

Death: 25.01.1935 Quincy, Adams, Illinois

Cause of death: chronic endocarditis

Burial: 28.01.1935 Memorial Park Cemetery, Quincy, Adams, Illinois

Marriage: 24.05.1911 Quincy, Adams, Illinois

Frederick W. Schaffner

Birth: 02.12 1889 St. Louis, Missouri. He was the son of Jacob Schaffner and Mary Ehler.

Death: 10.08.1968 Quincy, Adams, Illinois.

Burial: Memorial Park Cemetery, Quincy, Adams, Illinois.

He was a tool- and diemaker

They had children:

-Quentin F Schaffner was born on August 22, 1918 in

 Illinois. He was married to Marilyn Josephine Harvey.

 They lived in Houston, Texas. Marilyn died on January

 26, 1999 in Conroe, Montgomery, Texas.

In the 1920 census the family lived in Quincy Ward 5, Adams, Illinois.  

World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
Rudolph Wurtz born 17 June 1886 Quincy

Address: 925 N. 10th, Quincy, Occupation: pump tester; Employer: Gardner Govener Works of Quincy

nearest relative: father and mother; single; height: medium; build: medium; eyes: blue; hair: brown

Registered 05 Jun 1917 Pct 2, Wd 5 Quincy

He was a Private, and served in Company A, 62nd Regiment, Infantry.


1880 census Quincy, Adams, Illinois

Bart Wurtz abt 1850 Baden Self (Head) Barber

Mollie Wurtz abt 1853 Illinois Wife Keeping Hse

Ella Wurtz abt 1874 Illinois Daughter At School

Joseph Wurtz abt 1877 Illinois Son At Home

Mardes Wurtz abt 1876 Illinois Son At Home

Quincy Illinois Directories

1887 and 1888

Bartholomew Wurtz 1028 Broadway Quincy barber


1900 census Quincy Ward 5, Adams, Illinois

Bartholom Wurtz Dec 1852 Germany White Head

Mollie Wurtz June 1855 Illinois White Wife mother of 8 children 7 living

Joseph B Wurtz Oct 1877 Illinois White Son

Theodore M Wurtz Jan 1880 Illinois White Son

Sarah F Wurtz Jan 1882 Illinois White Daughter

Emma M Wurtz Nov 1883 Illinois White Daughter

Rudolf Wurtz June 1887 Illinois White Son

Annastasia Wurtz July 1891 Illinois White Daughter

1910 census Quincy Ward 5, Adams, Illinois

Barney Worts abt 1852 Germany Head

Mollie Worts abt 1857 Illinois Wife

Theodore Worts abt 1882 Illinois Son

Emma Worts abt 1885 Illinois Daughter

Rodolph Worts abt 1888 Illinois Son

Statia Worts abt 1891 Illinois Daughter

1920 census Quincy Ward 5, Adams, Illinois

Barl ?? Urtz abt 1851Germany White Head barber

Mallie ?? Urtz abt 1857 Illinois White Wife

Theodore?? Urtz abt 1871 Illinois White Son painter

Rudolph?? Urtz abt 1888 Illinois White Son metalworker



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